Wilma's Story

I was born and raised in Midcoast Maine, and heavily influenced by the beauty of the natural world and spartan sensibility of New England. 

As a kid I would move my bedroom furniture in the middle of the night, and enjoy the “setting up” of any make-believe game much more than the play itself. My mom took me to yard sales every summer weekend to hunt for treasures, and my grandmother introduced me to fashion. Glossy magazines showed me a world that existed but seemed a million miles away and also, one that would cost me a million dollars. There wasn’t anyone around me at that time to tell me that what I wanted to be was a prop stylist or interior designer. So, I reluctantly chose a path that made more sense. 

After finishing college and moving “away,” as those who stay in Maine call it, I had a short career in early childhood education. Burnt out and thinking I would be starting my own family soon, I left that field and took what seemed like it would be a temporary retail job working in the bridal industry. Six years later and armed with an arsenal of sugar-coated ways to talk any panicked bride out her spiral, I left my job to pursue my fledgling business full-time. 

Wilma is a physical expression of my creative energy. Creating–through sourcing, photography, and styling. That's what drives me. I'll see an object or piece of furniture, and feel something close to compulsion to present it in a certain way. 

To me, Wilma is a place, person, feeling, scent, memory, place in time, a passing glance, the dappled sunlight on the floor, the gentle breeze in the trees, the butterfly landing on the flower, the waves breaking on shore, the sun hitting the wall in early morning. It embodies beauty in all its various forms.

Wilma Small was my great-grandmother.

With love,